Bellanaleck Jetty


ReelDeal coaches teach all types of fishing – with the emphasis on fun! If you’ve never fished before and want a day out with the kids, all can learn together, and we supply the gear. Like tennis or golf, having lessons in casting, especially casting a fly-rod, can save a lot of frustration and grief over your fishing life. Getting the basics right by understanding the mechanics and having someone to monitor and guide your progress beyond just casting a reasonable line is a great foundation which allows you to continue to develop on your own.

It’s a great activity for fathers and sons (or mums and daughters) to learn together. Once you learn – and here we also teach safety and respect for water (and hooks!) and how to handle any fish you catch – you can continue fishing, coming back if you feel like trying something new.

Experienced fly-fisher? It does no harm to have someone assess your casting if you are trying to learn to spey-cast or haul for distance. We will spend 30 minutes with you assessing your casting technique and style while discussing what you want to learn before starting your first lesson. That’s what we do before teaching anything new.

If you have tried fly-fishing and want to learn to ‘cast properly’, learn a new cast or improve or change your style – talk to Shane here at ReelDeal. Talking costs nothing and we can agree on what you want to do, how much you want to spend and be flexible in when and where lessons take place.

This is why we tailor the coaching to the individual:

The Angling Trust

Our coaches have been trained to bear this in mind and are patient and relaxed in helping you to achieve your goal.

Coaching is something we do for complete beginners and those who want to learn new or local techniques. (Guiding rarely takes place without some coaching too!) Our coaches teach skills and as well as being role models, trainers, mentors, and motivators and are supportive in giving you the skills to do your best.

Teaching fishing is something we do for anyone. We agree what you want to do – be it taking the family fishing for Perch in a lough, spinning for Pike or fishing at a Rainbow Trout fishery so that you can continue to fish later on your own. Many people worry about casting, wading and safety near water as well as handling slimy, messy fish. We cover all this if you want us to and you and your family or group will leave us more than able to continue on your own.

It’s also an opportunity to try something new and can be a fun holiday activity. You can book lessons for someone beginning to fly-fish or seasoned fisher-folk who want to learn something new or polish their technique.