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Licenses and Permits

A fishery is a body of water or system that fish are caught in. Licences are issued to carry a rod; Permits allow to you fish certain fisheries. To fish in Northern Ireland, you always need a licence issued for Northern Ireland. You aren’t covered by an English, Scottish, Welsh or Republic of Ireland1 fishing licence. Various fishing licence options are available. You may choose that most suited to your needs.

Lough Erne and other NI fisheries are governed by the Dept. of Culture, Arts & Leisure (DCAL) licence, except those in the Foyle system, which require a Loughs Agency (LA) licence. If you intend to fish both, buy either DCAL or LA and then an ‘endorsement licence’ (£1.00) for the other fishery.

3 days fishing (licence and permit) can cost as little as £9.00 (DCAL); 14 days (DCAL) £25.50. Or from the Loughs Agency (for licence only), £3.50 (3 day) and £14.00 (14 day) with permits from £10.00 per day and up, depending on where we fish - the more exclusive, the more expensive!

Choose the licence most appropriate for your ReelDeal course or holiday e.g. A 3 day licence covers one day courses or a weekend visit; an endorsement, if applicable, or season licence lasts all of the year remaining, and so will cover return trips or subsequent fishing after a course.

In addition, you always need permission to trespass to fish. Permits can be bought for most stretches. Public estate fishing is available on both the Erne and Foyle systems with a joint licence/permit available for 3 days and 14 days from DCAL.

DCAL online licence and permit purchase

Loughs Agency licencing guidelines

Loughs Agency licence issuing locations

The easiest way to ensure you are fishing legally in Northern Ireland is to allow us to sort out licence and permit for you. This service is provided at licences and permits cost price + an administration charge.

1 Holders of a Republic of Ireland game fishing licence can buy an endorsement licence (£1.00)